The ghost of TellYouThePass lingers

Recently, 360 Ransomware Service received feedback from many victims from the financial sector that ransomware was implanted in their devices. After analysis, the source of this wave of attacks was successfully identified as the TellYouThePass ransomware family - an...

New Go loader pushes Rhadamanthys stealer

A recent malvertising campaign targeted system administrators by impersonating the PuTTY website. Clicking on the fake download deployed a new Go-based malware loader that retrieved the Rhadamanthys stealer payload. The threat actor likely controls both the...

Ransomware Roundup – RA World

The blog provides an overview of the RA World ransomware, which encrypts files and steals data before demanding ransom for decryption and not leaking stolen files. The ransomware disables backups and deletes shadow copies to prevent recovery. It encrypts files and...

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