Do You Know What a Phishing Attack Is?

Phishing is an email scam which has the goal of fooling you into handing over confidential data or installing malware on your machine. Many phishers are after financial gain, but just like in many advanced cyber-attacks, it can be used as a starting point for more nefarious purposes such as ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

Since 94% of cyber attacks use email as their entry vector, your users need to be kept aware of best email security practices. Currently, phishing emails average a 6-16% click rate by end users. Regular simulated phishing attacks will keep security in the forefront of your users minds as they read their email.

Phishing Simulation Campaigns

Our innovative phishing simulations are more relevant to today’s threats. Your team will prepare for attacks such as credential theft, invoice fraud, vendor account compromise, and ransomware with our real-time data from a global community of security analysts.

Customize your phishing simulation campaign by role, function, access level, geo, or device. Exercises get your user community engaged in corporate security, and are based on real-world data, real-time threat analysis.

Our A.I. based phishing filter can prevent many of these emails from ever hitting your inbox as well as providing scripted and unscripted phishing simulation campaigns to train your users in email security practices.