Blister is a piece of malware that loads a payload embedded inside it. We provide an overview of payloads dropped by the Blister loader based on 137 unpacked samples from the past one and a half years and take a look at recent activity of Blister. The overview shows that since its support for environmental keying, most samples have this feature enabled, indicating that attackers mostly use Blister in a targeted manner. Furthermore, there has been a shift in payload type from Cobalt Strike to Mythic agents, matching with previous reporting. Blister drops the same type of Mythic agent which we thus far cannot link to any public Mythic agents. Another development is that its developers started obfuscating the first stage of Blister, making it more evasive. We provide YARA rules and scripts1 to help analyze the Mythic agent and the packer we observed with it.

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