VulScan is a comprehensive assessment and compliance tool designed specifically for IT professionals. With features catered to ensure the security and vulnerability management of your networks, VulScan offers the convenience and flexibility needed for effective scanning and monitoring. Whether you’re looking to perform scans on internal or external networks, VulScan’s web-based management portal allows you to schedule scans at your convenience and receive alerts for any vulnerabilities discovered.



VulScan is a comprehensive assessment and compliance tool designed specifically for IT professionals. With its range of features, this tool guarantees the security and vulnerability management of your networks. Developed by the trusted brand RapidFire Tools, VulScan is backed by scientific research and evidence, making it a reliable choice for all your network scanning needs.

One of the key reasons to consider VulScan is its ability to scan both internal and external networks through its web-based management portal. This feature provides convenience and flexibility as you can schedule scans whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, VulScan ensures that you stay informed about any vulnerabilities discovered through its alert system. This allows you to take immediate action and enhance the security of your networks.

Automated Vulnerability Scans

VulScan allows you to set intervals for automated vulnerability scans at each client site. This feature ensures regular vulnerability assessments, minimizing the risk of security breaches. Email notifications with a summary of discovered vulnerabilities provide a convenient way to stay informed.

Web-Based Client Dashboard

Accessing your clients’ vulnerabilities is made effortless with VulScan. The web-based client dashboard enables you to view comprehensive vulnerability reports from any device, anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to manage all your data collector/scanners and analyze trends over time through a single interface.

Powerful Rules Engine

To mitigate false positives in vulnerability management, VulScan incorporates a powerful rules engine. This engine allows you to ignore specific vulnerabilities that you are already aware of. You can apply rules to specific devices or Object Identifiers (OIDs) and set time limits for when these issues should be shown in your alerts again.


How VulScan Works

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments

VulScan is primarily used for conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessments of both internal and external networks. By scanning your networks, it identifies potential vulnerabilities and provides you with actionable insights to improve your network security.

Regular Compliance Checks

The tool enables regular compliance checks to ensure that your networks adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements. By automating these checks, VulScan saves you time and effort while keeping your networks compliant.

Ad Hoc or One-Time Vulnerability Assessments

For situations that require ad hoc or one-time vulnerability assessments, VulScan offers the VulScan PVS add-on subscription. This option allows IT professionals working in temporary offices or MSPs performing paid security assessments to efficiently scan networks without consuming permanent site licenses.

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